SmartKids Succeed

Encourage your child to become an expert in social etiquette. SmartKids provides hands-on training in refining comminication skills, table & professional etiquette and financial planing.

SmartKids Succeed

“I’ve gained so much confidence since becoming a SmartKid. My teachers notice it too!”

SmartKids Succeed

“Thanks grandma for giving me something that will last me a lifetime… You’re the best!”

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A SmartKids education introduces students to a refined approach to understanding and implementing life skills that are designed to last a life time.  These skills include, but are not limited to:


* Acquiring enhanced social etiquette

*  Development of  professional communication skills

*  Securing an understanding of finance management

*  Adopting a spirit of giving

*  Practicing Healthy Living


Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors are selected based on their demonstration of leadership, program involvement, academic achievement, and willingness to help others.
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